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May 25th, 2014

Posted on May 24 by

We have a fun one lined up for this week! Ean Skizzle, ITSO Johnny and Bobby B are all here and ready to unleash some BASS for everyone! Incase you are not aware anything can...


May 18th, 2014

Posted on May 17 by

Bobby B and Trombe this week. If you don’t know, get to know. Pure Madness. Always. That is all. Check out the show live at 93.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa or at


May 11th, 2014

Posted on May 10 by

This week is going to be a smasher! Ean Skizzle and ITSO Johnny will make sure of that! Skizzle has a whole bunch of tunes, both new and old while Johnny brought a mix from the...


May 4th, 2014

Posted on May 3 by

With another awesome show had by Bobby B and Trombe last week, we look to keep it going this time around with Ean Skizzle and Bobby B on the 1’s and 2’s! Expect some...


April 27th, 2014

Posted on Apr 26 by

Bobby B and Trombe are back! They had so much fun a couple of weeks ago that they decided to come back and do it again! As per usual, Bass Madness will ensue. Expect a little bit...


April 20th, 2014

Posted on Apr 19 by

We are pretty damn excited for this week’s show and you should be too! Not only do we have all kinds of new Bass Music from Docksta vet Ean Skizzle, but we have a guest mix...